History of Kistner 

Kistner Concrete Products Inc. has maintained the position as the leading manufacturer of precast concrete products in the Western New York region for over 50 years.  Kistner’s competency has always been in producing superior precast products through the use of exacting quality control standards, superior engineering, and intelligent product innovations.

Kistner heavily inventories all of its products.  Our goal, through our inventory, is to provide instant product availability for any customer in order to adequately meet project deadlines.

Kistner Concrete Product Inc. operates four NPCA nationally certified manufacturing facilities. Kistner is a NYSDOT QA/QC approved manufacturer. In the future, please allow us to provide you with the area’s most advanced precast concrete products.

Our Company Culture 


The vision of Kistner Concrete Products is one of continued growth through increased innovation in product design. Through this innovation, in the future Kistner strives to maintain its position as a leading precast concrete manufacturer in New York State.


Kistner Concrete Products provides the eastern great lakes region of the United States with precast concrete products of the highest quality and technological specifications. Providing timely cost-effective product solutions to the client, customer, and engineer is the very cornerstone of the Kistner name. Through the utilization of its hi-tech facilities and equipment, the Kistner Company is continually able to maintain a high level of in-house training. We pride ourselves in production efficiency while always remaining adaptable to the latest methods and technology. Kistner Concrete is, and has always been, committed to a consistent growth model designed around fiscal stability, stakeholder advancement, and community well being. For these reasons Kistner will continue to excel in today’s precast market.


We are committed to do the right thing for our customers, employees, associates and and our communities. We hold ourselves to very high standards. 

The History of Kistner

The Founder

The Frontier Burial Vault Company was founded in 1947 by the late William George Kistner, a General Motors employee and Buffalo native. Heeding the advice of a friend, William sought to produce burial vaults composed entirely of concrete in order to meet new cemetery codes eliminating the use of stand alone wooden boxes. Simple wooden boxes caused settling over time and were no longer allowed to be buried alone. 

Frontier Burial Vault Co.

William G. and his son William E. Kistner set up the company’s first manufacturing facility in a four car garage on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga, New York (above picture shows this original location). Although the burial vault business proved to have its downside, it introduced the idea of precasting to the Kistner family. Therefore, Frontier became the true genesis for the company known today as Kistner Concrete Products. 

A growing Company

During the 1950’s Frontier began to diversify. Soon burial vaults were no longer the primary product for the growing company. In the later part of that decade Frontier Burial Vault Company became “Kistner Septic Tank Company,” due to the addition of precast septic tanks as a major product type. Shortly thereafter, in 1957 the company again changed names and became what we know today as Kistner Concrete Products. 

Diversifying the product line

During the 1960’s engineers began turning away from the use of brick manholes, and began to specify the use of precast concrete storm and sanitary manholes because of their watertight capabilities. This industry shift was capitalized upon by William G. and his son, and precast manhole production became a priority of the company. At the close of the 1960’s the Kistner company produced a variety of products including septic tanks, manholes, and precast steps.

Expanding the Company

During the 1960’s, ‘70’s, and ‘80’s the weight of the company was placed on the shoulders of William E. Kistner. At this time four new manufacturing facilities were introduced: Springville, NY in 1969, E. Pembroke, NY in 1973, E. Bethany, NY in 1978, and Lockport, NY in 1983. 

Third Generation

William E. Kistner had three sons: William M., Michael, and Kenneth. Each of these sons became actively involved in the business between 1978 and ’84. Today the three sons control the corporation, as Kistner pushes on into the 21st century. 

Our Commitment

Kistner Concrete Products is committed to innovation in product design while employing the very highest level of customer service and support. We’ve enjoyed working with you over the years, and look forward to again partnering with you in order to ensure mutual prosperity in the future.